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Sarvodaya Group is a real estate giant with an experience of almost twenty years, his founder Mr. D.N Singh (Managing Director) guiding its growth. The expanse of Bihar and Jharkhand being its centre of operations, Sarvodaya has effectively completed various projects, both residential and commercial in nature, on land acquired from DDA & GDA, through auctions.
In all the Sarvodaya Group Consists of Several Sister Concern Companies.Sarvodaya Group deals with Constructions, Marketing and Hospitality. 
The Different Sister Concern Companies which deal with Constructions, Marketing and Hospitality are
Sarvodaya Construction and Developer Pvt. Ltd. was Started in the Year 1990 on 19th June.
Sarvodaya Grih Nirman Pvt. Ltd was launched in the Year 1995 on 20th December.
Sarvodaya Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was started in the Year 1997 on 26th November.
Sarvodaya Hospitality Limited. was Started in the Year 2009 on 22nd December
Appeal and affordability are the characteristics of Sarvodaya and the company is also proud of its commitment to the time schedule. This has contributed to the immense trust and confidence of our patrons in sarvodaya group.
Nurturing excellence with qualitative approach - ensuring quality in all spheres of development has been the hallmark of our operational efficiency. At Sarvodaya, we have formulated stringent variables that ensure appropriate monitoring and control in all the verticals of design, development and delivery. Right from selection of materials to delivery of projects, each activity is put under a scanner of rigorous quality control system to ensure flawless implementation. This not only enables us to enhance operational efficiency, ensuring completion of our projects, well ahead of time, but also ensures a sense of pride emanating from a professional commitment. 
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